Why Not Digitals?

I often receive questions regarding digital files, and it's just part of the instant gratification era that we've all gotten accustomed to. We love online galleries and having my way with what to print (myself included), it's great for social media postings and sharing with family and friends. But, just keep reading and let me explain a few things here.. ​ To this day, I get emails from clients asking to help recover their photos from session years ago due to a crash on the hard-drive or forgot to download the photos because they were saved on a phone or lost the USB/disk from moving. I started to realize that even for myself, have never gotten around to printing photos from when my babies were- babies. It's one of those back burner chores that was not on the priority list because I could just look at them on my phone. 

And there it was, why would I start a service but not finish til the end product? Why let Walgreen's or Costco determine what my photograph should or should not look like? Why do my clients often come back to me for prints because they're prints came out with a weird color? A surgeon stitches the patient back up after surgery, a gardener clears up the pile of grass after mowing, a professor will lecture and then grade your test papers. Well, you're catching what I'm throwing.

Preparation for a digital image requires the same amount of skill set, time, skin retouching and love to an image. The end product I give to you is merely a tangible object for all to admire with other than from a screen. Your keepsake folio print is matted with archival frames, sealed and provided from a professional lab that is capable of handling all of my camera's color data. A digital image is NOT faster, easier, less time to shoot nor do I give less attention to. However, you will receive BOTH matted print and the full resolution digital copy because, I want you to own both. At no additional cost. Because, you're awesome and so am I. ​Not only that, but I keep my production time between 5-10 days including the lab print time as they are sent with overnight shipping. I am still able to provide your session with the same amount of time if not even faster than others. 

The question is- why have my prints when you can print your own? The honest answer is simply as this: I am providing a way for you to preserve those prints. A keepsake collector's item which is like an album in itself. Plus, you have the freedom to do what you wish with the digital file as well. You may not go through them daily or even monthly. But our babies don't keep, they will grow up in a blink of eye and one day have their own family.

When that day comes, these photographs will be the most cherished possession in comparison to any luxury brand product or appliance you'll own because it is a representation of your livelihood. Your archives will become the most valuable to your family. And, no one ever- ever regrets having family portraits done. ​ This is coming from a Mom whose children are growing way too quickly while I'm frantically trying to recover every photo and video I ever took.

Just some food for thought!

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